Custom Breast Milk Inclusion Jewelry

Happy International Women's Day! 
"A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform." 
I couldn't think of a better thing to write about today other than an order I received last Summer from Allyson, a new mom (and sweet friend) with a super interesting request: Breastmilk inclusion jewelry.
Made by molding resin and powdered breastmilk together.
I had never attempted it before but was thrilled for the opportunity
to learn how to do something new!

The first thing I started with was figuring out how others have done it, thank goodness for the internet and Pinterest. She dropped off some extra breastmilk she had and I worked on ordering supplies.
The most difficult part about this process was finding a clear way to turn the liquid milk into powdered milk.
And honestly, that could be another blog post all in itself. To say the least, there are specific recipes other breastmilk artists use and lots of information on how to do it the wrong way. But no instructions explaining what the ingredients are or how to make powdered breastmilk successfully without buying a kit that comes prepackaged with no other information besides some simple instructions. 
Breastmilk in the process of becoming powder
I settled for buying a kit for the first time trying it but was disappointed I couldn't solve the powder puzzle and will keep trying to find out what the mystery ingredients are and plan to share a recipe to make DIY powdered breastmilk successfully in a future blog post for anyone to use.
Until then, here is the link to the one I used for this custom order! - It worked great and was very easy.

We messaged about specific designs she liked and she mentioned wanting to include a tanzanite color to match her daughter's birthstone and rose gold to match her wedding ring. I mixed the breastmilk powder in with clear resin and dark blue sparkles. I wasn't expecting it to turn out well the first time and left
extra powder out for another try.
It was fun to make such a mess!
resin breastmilk beadsbreastmilk resin shapes
I sent photo updates once the resin had cured and got the green light to move forward with the design process! Yay for good luck on the first try!
rosegold breastmilk birds nest necklace After the resin pieces were done the rest of the design came together smoothly and I was so glad to hear she was happy with what I had made for her! 
I'm so grateful for the opportunity Allyson gave me to create such a meaningful jewelry set for her. And to now I have the ability to offer custom breastmilk inclusion jewelry for other mothers as well. 
If you are interested in ordering custom breastmilk inclusion jewelry I would love to talk to you about it anytime!  Call or text me at 405-762-9761, reach out on social media @Shopdearbritt or email: Thank you!

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  • I am so glad I stumbled upon your Boutique. I am thoroughly thrilled with the piece that was made for my sister. We came to the consensus that a copper horse necklace would be perfect for my sister’s wedding. I will definitely recommend Dear Britt to all me friend and family.

    Trent muench

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