Products and Services:

DearBritt strives to offer a wide variety of handmade jewelry and accessories created individually and uniquely to fit a style of any kind. With our small company being located in the heart of Stillwater, OK State branded jewelry is a huge piece of the kind of jewelry we offer, orange & black, “OSU” and sports charms can be found frequently when you shop with us! We now offer a jewelry rental service called DearBritt Endless, trying before buying has never been easier!

We offer custom jewelry orders and many different kinds of simple jewelry repair and cleaning services. Our LOVE for hosting jewelry making workshops for parties or one on one, is big!

DearBritt would love to book a trunkshow with you, a private shopping experience for you and friends to enjoy in the comfort of your home or at ours for a great cause! A percentage of all purchases made during the trunkshow would go to a foundation of your choice!

The story of our home:

The home of DearBritt Boutique is located in the heart of Downtown Stillwater on the corner of 9th and Main in the front office space of the WorkIT Coworking Center.

Our tiny store serves as the first official public location we have opened, a showroom where customers can come shop DearBritt Designs anytime between shows, and visit with Brittany about everything from custom orders, to jewelry parties.

And now, we have expanded and moved the studio from a spare bedroom to the private office right next door to the store so doing jewelry repairs, custom orders and workshops has become easier than ever!

Behind our name:

In the beginning the name started out as Strings Attached Jewelry and in 2016 Brittany began the process of rebranding. She was inspired to create a more personal name for her brand that offered more connection and more diversity. “I feel like the name DearBritt better suits the dreams I have for my business now as well any new ones that may pop up in the future. With hopes to expand the items we offer such as journals, blankets, candles and coffee mugs. DearBritt seems to fit it all” – Brittany

About the Owner:

Brittany Hadley has had a strong love for creativity and independence since a very young age.

A love for jewelry making started for her with friends in girl scouts between the ages of 6 and 7, coming from a family of business owners was very encouraged to sell the things she made and started attending craft shows with her mother to sell the jewelry she made at just 8 years old in the year of 2007.

She would have a small table set up with the few plastic bracelets and necklaces she had made and always brought her beads with her to work on making new things and had a spot for other kids to come and “Make your own bracelet” while they were there.

Her hobby for making jewelry continues to grow and the passion for owning her own business does as well, she was just 16 years old when she decided to continue her business as her career and has been building it ever sense.