What we Offer:
Handmade jewelry and accessories, a wide variety of OK State branded jewelry, custom jewelry orders, many differing kinds of jewelry repairs, jewelry making classes with groups or one on one, jewelry making parties, host your own jewelry shopping party and a brand new jewelry rental service called DearBritt Endless.
About the Location:
DearBritt, A Tiny Boutique, is located in the heart of Downtown Stillwater on the corner of 9th and Main in the front office space of the WorkIT Coworking Center. It serves as the first official public location opened, a place where customers can come shop DearBritt Designs anytime between shows, and visit with Brittany about everything from custom orders, to jewelry parties.
Behind the Brand:
In the beginning the name started out as Strings Attached Jewelry and in 2016 Brittany began the process of rebranding. She was inspired to create a brand that was close to home, a personal name with more connection and more diversity. “I feel like the name DearBritt better suits the dreams I have for my business now as well any new ones that may pop up in the future. With hopes to expand the items we offer such as journals, blankets, candles and coffee mugs. DearBritt seems to fit it all” – Brittany
About the Owner:
Brittany Hadley started making jewelry when she was eight years old, it was her favorite hobby. Being homeschooled allowed her to focus on making jewelry as often as she could and her love for the craft grew quickly. Her parents are entrepreneurs and started to encourage her to sell the jewelry she made from a young age. She realized in her early teen years that her jewelry making hobby had become a passion.  She decided then, to continue building it into a business and focusing on it as a career, and has been doing that ever sense.